How to Find a Coach for a Hands-On Practitioner or Movement Educator

Know what fits with you when you're looking for a coach.

Hands-on Practitioners and Movement Educators are not like most of the people most coaches are helping to build a business. To avoid getting a bad fit, know the signs of a good fit!

Recently, I was talking to some friends of mine who are coaches.

As often happens, the conversation got around to the people we work with, and of course, I described YOU, as the kind of person I help.

And what they said was, “Oh, I work with clients like that, too!”

To be honest, many coaches believe they do work with you because you’re a holistic practitioner — or as they often describe you, a “healer.”

But I know they misunderstand “who you are,” because my clients regularly tell me that they’ve hired other coaches and just couldn’t do what the coach prescribed… it just didn’t fit for who they are, what they want and how they want to be with their clients. 

So… what makes you special? What kind of coach should you look for? And how can you recognize a good fit with a coach before you get blisters from a bad fit?!

The answer is in today’s video…


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Today I Overheard

today… one of my clients tell somone that he’s beginning to realize there’s an awful lot of “annoying personal growth involved” in building his practice!

Then he went onto say “Thankfully, I’m up for it!”

I had to smile because it’s so true. It’s one of the major “complaints” most people have when they sign on for the kind of business training that really makes a difference in building a practice.

You just can’t hope to grow your practice without growing yourself. It’s like trying to build a strong building on a foundation of eggshells. 

That means that one of the most important places you need to look, when you need more clients, is inside yourself…and what you need to be on the lookout for is your own willingness to become the practitioner who has the practice you want!


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Today I Finally Talked with Someone

today…I was trying to reach about making an appointment with her.

I called yesterday and left a message telling her that, and when I didn’t get a call back, I phoned her again.

Why did I have to call twice?

When I am standing there with money, trying to become your client, you should call me. It’s part of your job. 

Unless of course, you have more clients than you know what to do with. In that case, you don’t ever have to call anyone back. 

You know what’s really funny?

She wasn’t exactly charming on the phone and I decided I don’t need to become her client. after all.

I wonder if she noticed?


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Seth Godin Doesn’t Use Images — Should You?

Seth Godin is so famous he doesn't need to worry that you won't recognize him.

Seth Godin is known by so many people who respect his opinion that I”m pretty sure he isn’t going to lose any sleep if you don’t recognize him.

Seth Godin doesn’t use images in his blog posts and he’s got only a few on his website… a couple of him and the rest of his book covers.

Does that mean you should do the same?

No, and there are a lot of reasons why I think so.

They all hinge on the most obvious thing — you aren’t Seth Godin.

First, he’s famous. So famous that he doesn’t need to put a lot of pictures of himself on his website to help you Know, Like and Trust him.

He writes a blog post every day, and he’s been writing his current blog since 2002. (When did you say you graduated from your training?)

He’s got 18 worldwide bestsellers that have been translated into 35 languages.

Would you be happy to have 5,000 subscribers? That’s about how many people subscribe and unsubscribe from his blog every day!

If you know who he is, and you subscribe to his blog, images are not drawing you to or into his posts. They’re short. Let’s face it — if you can’t stick it for the 41 words he published on March 31, 2015, a picture isn’t going to make any difference.

He’s got the “Know-Like-Trust Factor” covered and with a subscriber base in the multiple 6-figure zone, I’m sure he doesn’t care whether or not any one person reads to the end of his post.

Where does that leave you?

The research shows that for those of us who don’t enjoy the immense readership Seth Godin has, images are really important. We’re going to focus on 4 statistics that are meaningful to hands-on practitioners and movement educators who use their websites and blogs to attract clients.

Relevant images get more eyes on your post

Images increase views

Page views for pages WITH images….94%
Page views for pages WITHOUT images… 6%

This means that when you have images on your website or your blog post that are related to what you’re writing about, you are likely to get more people looking at those pages than if you leave images out of your thinking.

It also means that once people click onto your page, they’re more likely to stay if you have images. That helps you in search rankings because people don’t bounce in and out in the same breath.

(When people land on your site and leave right away, it’s called a “bounce” and your bounce rate is tracked by the search engines. When people land and leave quickly, the search engine take it as a sign that people don’t find what they’re looking for on your site so they lower your site in their rankings.)

What about pictures of cute kitties, flowers, and beautiful dreamy photos that evoke nice feelings? If they don’t have anything to do with what you’re talking about — at best, they aren’t going to help you.

Cuteness, 85% Revelance, 0%

Cuteness, 85%
Relevance, 0%

See what I mean?

This is a very cute kitten… I mean, come on — it’s sitting in the sunshine in a little bowl. But aside from the fact that it actually does illustrate my point that it’s not the right photo for this post, it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

Would it make you keep reading? Not likely.

Would it lower my credibility if I weren’t using it to make a point? Very likely.

The problem is that when people are confused, they tend to make that be their impression of you. If your images don’t make sense to them, they figure what you write isn’t reliable.

So a photo like this might attract attention on a Facebook post if it were your kitten… or if you had a quote that made people think. But in an article where it doesn’t make sense, it’s likely to hurt you.

Your brain understands pictures faster than words.

Image vs Text Speed

Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it understands the text they relate to.

60,000 times faster is a LOT…

If it took all of one second to understand a picture, it would take 3.6 hours to understand the words that explained it.

If you have great graphics, you don’t need many as words as you need without them.

People don’t have a lot of time to waste on your site. Mine, either, for that matter. When you give them something worthwhile quickly, you respect their time and they’re more likely to come back.

If not, they’ll be on somebody else’s site trying to find what they’re looking for.

A picture is worth a thousand words

images convey meaning

People only read 20% of what you write… no matter how compelling you think it is.

I know. It’s an old saw. But the reason it’s still around so long is that it’s true.

How much time is involved in writing and reading what you can get in one glance at that pie chart?

Not only that — words don’t give you the emotional kick you might be getting from the graphic.


People love to share images

Images get more shares

People are likely to share a page with images about twice as fast as they share pages without images.

Everybody hopes their posts will “go viral.”

There’s no reliable, proven “Formula For Going Viral,” but there has been research into why people hit the “share” button on social media.

People most often share things that make them feel good about themselves because they shared. So when you give them something that’s meaningful in its own right and also gives them their friends will value, they are more likely to pass it on.

This is just what you want as a hands-on practitioner or movement educator — because many people who find you need time to develop a relationship with you before they get in touch. Checking out your posts because they were recommended by a friend fast-tracks that process.

Images are your friends… choose them wisely, and let them help you!


If this post made you think about your practice, subscribe to my EZine. You’ll get information on a variety of practice-building topics — and please share this resource with other practitioners, because when you know how to find them, there are enough clients for everyone!

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Today I Had a Look at Unsubscribes From My Email List


As usual, I noticed that there were a few people who left. It used to bother me, but now I’m always thankful when people realize we’re not a fit. It’s not my intention to bother anyone who doesn’t want my emails.

But — two people characterized the emails I sent to them as SPAM, and I always have a look at those, because I wonder how they could have gotten on my list without subscribing to it. Continue reading


Today I Was Proven Right

today… about profile pictures.

For years, I’ve been ranting about how practitioners hide on their websites, on social media and in their marketing promotions.

Granted, practitioners often describe themselves as “shy” or “introverted” — but being private doesn’t mean it’s okay to post a profile pic of your feet or shadow, your pet, your new sunglasses or hat, or the apple you’ve partially eaten. Continue reading

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Got a Blog? Need Traffic? Get CoSchedule!

Life is easy when you have the right help. CoSchedule is like a loyal employee who never runs out of ideas about how to keep yourself visible!

Life is easy when you have the right help. CoSchedule is like a loyal employee who never runs out of ideas about how to keep yourself visible!

An open love letter to CoSchedule…

Dear CoSchedule,

Before I met you, my social media life was in ruins.

I was dating another editorial calendar– let’s call him Ed — but there were problems from the get-go.

We met on the WordPress Plugin Page and at first, I didn’t want to admit I’d made a mistake… but the truth is, there just wasn’t any chemistry between us.

Most of the time, Ed just sat there, absorbing the energy I was putting into our relationship.

True… Ed didn’t make many demands… He never asked me to pay for anything. He never even urged me to do anything I didn’t want to — you know, like write a blog post so I could stay in touch with the people who need my help.

But you know what? He also never got in touch with me — I was always supposed to take the initiative and a one-way relationship is so hard!

And when we were together — mind you, it was only because I made it happen — I felt guilty!  I knew I should be doing something — but what I really wanted was for Ed to do something… inspire me, excite me… do something to make my life easier.

True, he added a little organization to my business life, but beyond that… not much. He was so uninspiring that within a few months, I had even had a hard time looking at him.

I was so disillusioned that I started blogging sporadically, and I hardly ever kept in touch with my social media followers.

I was on the downhill slide to anonymity.

But then I met you, CoSchedule!

Continue reading


Today A Friend Wrote on Facebook…


… about one of her clients who had a big problem…

HELP! I have a client who owns a family business. His stepmother (now deceased) had created and administered their biz FB page and he has no log-in/admin access to page. Does anyone know how he can get admin info/page ownership back stat? He’s tried contacting FB but to no avail.

This is about as bad as it gets. Facebook isn’t going to do anything, and if you can’t get into the admin’s account, there is NOTHING you can do. Continue reading

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Health Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method®

This gallery contains 1 photos.

The Feldenkrais Method offers many health benefits. This infographic is free for practitioners to customize with their contact information and use in any way they like. Continue reading


Stop Wasting Money on Business Cards

Business cards don't have to end up in the trash.

Giving your card to someone who doesn’t want it is a waste of trees… not mention time and money.

Have you got business cards?

It’s one of the first things most hands-on practitioners buy to show that they’re in business.

But if you don’t know how to use them, business cards can be a useless investment.


Because what most people do is hand out their cards to anyone who will take them. They figure that they’ll be “out there, somewhere” circulating in the world, helping to build their practice.

Look at reality for second — Have you taken a business card you didn’t really want? What did you do with it?

I know you have higher-than-average consciousness about the planet, so you probably didn’t put it in the trash — but I’m willing to bet it ended up in recycling.

That’s what makes  “Here — let me give you my card — call me sometime.” a terrible waste of your time and money.

When someone wants your card…

Continue reading