Al went to the store for bread and came home with 3 potential clients!

I love it when people post things like this on the Facebook page for our Success Circle group!


When you’re a hands-on practitioner, you’re looking for clients where you live… and that means that your clients could be anywhere–at the grocery store, the bank, the post office, even at the dog park. You have to be ready to meet them where they are, and that means thinking about everything you do as if it were an advertisement for your practice. 

The trouble is that for many hands-on practitioners, marketing ANYtime, ANYwhere is already threatening — if that’s you then the idea that you have to do it all the time probably sends you right over the top. The only way it can work is if you figure out how to do it so that it feels like YOU… so that when you talk to people, YOU are what they come away with and want more of.

And that’s where H2H comes in.

When Al said, “H2H really works!” he was talking about Have a Heart-to-Heart Consultation. And the “revision” he mentioned is the new version that brings everything home in a way that feels easy and natural to you because it’s based on who you are.

Imagine learning how to talk with people you don’t know. You meet them randomly, like Al did at the store–or maybe from a phone call because they want to find out about your work.

Your conversation naturally leads to a consultation for the people who might be a great fit with you.

Your consultation leads to having a new client who is really committed to doing what it takes to get the kind of transformation you offer.

That’s what Al and scores of other practitioners have learned to do, and you can, too!

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Not all science is rocket science!

You’ll find that getting clients can be easy and natural because H2H offers a combination of solid, proven strategies and solid, proven science — research and assessments that have been tested and proven for over 30 years. And because that allows you to tap into your natural strengths and make everything easy, you’ll find your comfort zone expanding without feeling stressed.

Knowing more about yourself is the foundation for making choices that draw your clients toward you rather than push them away. It’s how you’ll learn which things to do more of and which to let go of. And it’s how turning your training into a viable practice will be easier than you ever imagined it could be!

You are not a coach…

I know you know that… but the coaches don’t… so they think their solutions are going to work for you. To find out why they won’t — and what will, click here.
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