Are you on Facebook?

Last time, I suggested that if you’re undecided about Facebook, you could decide one way or the other for right now, so that you can get it off your plate.

If you did decide to hang out on Facebook, and you’re at a loss about what to do there, think of applying the 80-20 rule. (Remember the video from Day 18?) Make 80% of your posts sharing and giving value, passing on things you find that you think others will like, or making meaningful comments on your friends’ posts, and not more than 20% about things like “ATM class, Thursday, 5 PM, Mariposa Center.”

People who only post to talk about their classes and workshops on their personal pages are missing an enormous opportunity to connect with people in the way Facebook is used most! People can get to know you and like you on FB, and when they do, they’ll start to trust you. And then if you give advice, they’re much more likely to listen.

There are lots of Feldies online, and probably lots you don’t know yet. When you friend them, why not include a short note to let them know who you are? They’re more likely to accept your request when they have a context for the friendship. I will often say something like “Are you a Feldy, too? If so, I’d love to be FB friends!”

And if you’ ARE on Facebook, and we’re not connected, please friend me!

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