Are you ready for the changes coming to Facebook?

Facebook's new Timeline is coming! Protect your Privacy!

I'm sure Facebook sees the new "timeline" as the perfect outlet for your creativity. I am also sure that some people will love it and some people will hate it! Whatever you think about it, make sure that your privacy concerns are taken care of by being proactive!

Facebook is switching everyone over to a new format soon. Called a TIMELINE, it will change the way your personal page appears. Like everything Facebook does, this change will be both loved and hated.

It offers a possibility for quite a lot of creativity, and if you Google “Facebook timeline” and then click “images” you will see the wide variety of pages that are already up on the web.

I know that you may be concerned about privacy issues on Facebook, and these changes mean that you need to have a look at your profile. Make sure that your privacy settings accurately reflect the level of exposure you feel comfortable with!

Rather than try to distill this really important information, I want to refer you to an article suggested by one of the people I’m working with. Amy Porterfield is my trusted source on Facebook, and I’m happy to share her recommendation on how to protect your privacy with you! Click the link above now, and take the action that makes you comfortable on Facebook!

And if we haven’t connected there, click the little Facebook icon above on the right, and let’s do it now!

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