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How to Find a Coach for a Hands-On Practitioner or Movement Educator

Bad fit isn’t just about getting a shoe that’s too small! You can get an awful blister from working with a coach who doesn’t know anything about hands-on practitioners or movement educators!– and thinks you should adapt to their model. How can recognize GOOD fit? Continue reading

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Today I Overheard

Growing a practice requires growing yourself… Continue reading

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Today I Finally Talked with Someone

How quickly do you follow up with people who call you? How many clients do you get — or lose — because of that and the way you talk to them? Continue reading

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Seth Godin Doesn’t Use Images — Should You?

Seth Godin doesn’t use images in his blog posts and he’s got hardly any on his website. Should you follow suit?

The right images used on a blog posts or static pages can make a huge difference in what visitors understand about you, how often your pages are seen, and how much they’re shared. Why does this matter to hands-on practitioners and movement educators? Continue reading

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Today I Had a Look at Unsubscribes From My Email List

We all get too much email… but when you want to get off someone’s list, should you report them for spam in addition to unsubscribing? It depends on how you got on that list in the first place… Continue reading


Today I Was Proven Right

You only get one chance to make a first impression and research now proves what I’ve been saying about what that means for your profile pictures… Continue reading

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Got a Blog? Need Traffic? Get CoSchedule!

If you blog, you need to drive traffic to what you write. For a lot of hands-on practitioners, healers and movement educators, that’s just plain tedious, and so it gets put on hold. With CoSchedule, you can write your social media posts when you write your blog post, and make sure you’re driving a steady stream of people to your site. Continue reading


Today A Friend Wrote on Facebook…


… about one of her clients who had a big problem…

HELP! I have a client who owns a family business. His stepmother (now deceased) had created and administered their biz FB page and he has no log-in/admin access to page. Does anyone know how he can get admin info/page ownership back stat? He’s tried contacting FB but to no avail.

This is about as bad as it gets. Facebook isn’t going to do anything, and if you can’t get into the admin’s account, there is NOTHING you can do. Continue reading

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Health Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method®

This gallery contains 1 photos.

The Feldenkrais Method offers many health benefits. This infographic is free for practitioners to customize with their contact information and use in any way they like. Continue reading


Stop Wasting Money on Business Cards

Few people will tell you not to bother with business cards… but most of them end up in the trash. Here’s a way to make better way to make sure “Why don’t you give me your card?” turns into a positive connection… because your business cards need some help from you to do their best work on your behalf! Continue reading