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Are you ready for the changes coming to Facebook?

Facebook is switching everyone over to a new format soon. Called a TIMELINE, it will change the way your personal page appears. Like everything Facebook does, this change will be both loved and hated. It offers a possibility for quite … Continue reading

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Make a Point They Won’t Forget

Wish your clients would remember more of the point of working with you? Try changing up the way you tell your stories… My good bud, colleague Hope Malcolm Maltz turned me on to Made to Stick, a fun and easy read about why … Continue reading

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Are you on Facebook?

You may have resistance to being connected to social media, and I would never recommend you do something for your business that’s way out of your comfort zone, because it will work against you in the long run. However, you may … Continue reading

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Your Nametag is your first “Hello!”

Networking can be an effective way to build interest in your practice, if you know how to use it to your advantage. Obviously, you can network “networking events,” but you can also network at church, at PTA meetings, your Garden … Continue reading

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Have you ever declared, “Enough with the Excuses!”?

People who are successful learn to manage their time, invest in themselves to grow their business, and do what it takes to follow up with their clients.  They learn to do this even if they have a family, even if … Continue reading


Are you on Facebook?

Last time, I suggested that if you’re undecided about Facebook, you could decide one way or the other for right now, so that you can get it off your plate. If you did decide to hang out on Facebook, and … Continue reading

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Get their email address!

Even if you currently have NO thought of ever sending an email newsletter, get the email address of every person who’s interested in your work, every person who comes by your booth at a health fair, every person you work … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss THE HUMAN RACE Movie!

See the booth, the action, the people who came out on behalf of Feldies everywhere in Bridget Palmer’s video of The Human Race! This is an inspirational example of Feldenkrais® Community in action! Congratulations to all who participated and to … Continue reading

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Your Other Hand’s Brain

Your Usual Hand has a Brain and so does your Other Hand. How much do you listen to your Other Hand’s Brain? Here’s a book that can help give a new voice. Continue reading

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Is the High-Fiver Diet Right For You?

Everybody loves to hear how they’ve helped… and letting them know is good for both people! Continue reading