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About the business side of your practice. Planning, marketing. All the parts people typically don’t want to do. Can include personal growth, since business challenges us to grow.

If you need more clients, ask more questions

Most people don’t even consider the most important things before they try to get clients, but when you don’t have enough clients to earn a living, there are a few questions you should ask… Continue reading

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Make a Choice!

Somatic practitioners value having more choice, but having choice doesn’t help you move your business forward, unless to act to MAKE a choice! Continue reading


Why Your Image Matters More than You Might Think

I’ve heard practitioners say they don’t intend to market their practices.
If you think you can avoid marketing by intentionally not marketing, I’m sorry to say that it can’t work — because it’s a fundamentally flawed idea. Continue reading

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Do you need to know more — or use what you know more?

Not long ago, a relatively new practitioner I’m working with told me something really daring — that she had just signed up for an advanced training and had already scheduled a workshop she would teach — on the same topic … Continue reading


Are you taking care of yourself?

Feldenkrais and other holistic practitioners spend their days taking care of other people. They need to make sure they take care of themselves, too! Continue reading


The Gifts You Bring

Year’s End is rapidly approaching, and no matter what you celebrate, you’re probably planning to bring a gift somewhere, sometime in the next few weeks… Stores have endless ideas. There are big gifts, little gifts, stocking stuffers. We bring “secret … Continue reading

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Your Videos Should Help — Not Hurt — You

It used to be that any video you could put up was better than no video, but unfortunately, those days are long gone. People are bombarded with so many messages, so many choices and so many ways to receive information, that low … Continue reading

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Your Feldenkrais Training Can Help You Attract Clients: part 3: Value

To understand what your potential clients want to know about your practice, you need to find out what your current clients are GETTING from your practice. That means asking, not guessing — when you know how to ask, you won’t believe what you hear! Continue reading

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Your Feldenkrais® Training Can Help You Attract Clients: part 2: What it Means to Graduate

One of the important things you got from your training was your diploma! It may sound silly even to bring it up, but if you’re like the majority of Feldenkrais® practitioners I’ve worked with, you may not give enough weight … Continue reading


Your Feldenkrais® Training Can Help You Attract Clients: part 1 [infographic]

It’s not your fault that you don’t have enough clients… but it IS your problem. Your Feldenkrais training taught you much of what you need to know… understanding what to do with it is key. Continue reading

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