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These posts are about Feldenkrais community — what it is, why we need it, how we create, support and maintain it.

Waiting for Godot

When you are Feldenkrais or other hands-on practitioner, waiting can help you, but you have to know when to do it. Waiting to learn how to get clients hurts you, and all the people you aren’t helping. Continue reading

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This Is How I Got a Full Class, Just 2 Days After I Announced It!

When you are a hands-on practitioner, you don’t very often have the luxury of moving and landing in a new place with a full practice. Building a practice from scratch requires a variety of skills — find out how Christine did it by learning to talk to prospective clients so that they wanted to work with her! Continue reading

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Celebrating that I AM Celebrating!

Today, I’m 62 years old and celebrating a new understanding! I used to pay little attention to birthdays and didn’t care if I were working or not, whether anyone noticed or not, whether anyone made a cake or not, or … Continue reading


Are you on Facebook?

Last time, I suggested that if you’re undecided about Facebook, you could decide one way or the other for right now, so that you can get it off your plate. If you did decide to hang out on Facebook, and … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss THE HUMAN RACE Movie!

See the booth, the action, the people who came out on behalf of Feldies everywhere in Bridget Palmer’s video of The Human Race! This is an inspirational example of Feldenkrais® Community in action! Congratulations to all who participated and to … Continue reading

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Are We in Agreement?

How does language change? Are we changing our brains when we how much we care about purity changes? Continue reading


Day 30… Tell Yourself the Truth!

Tell the truth… you have everything to gain, including clients! Continue reading

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Day 29… Take Out the Garbage!

Day 29… For me, a one-degree shift meant taking out the garbage… Continue reading

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Day 27… A Pair of Paradigms

The old paradigm and the new paradigm… which one is the one you want to live out of? Continue reading

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The 4 Basic Food Groups that Feed Your Holistic Practice

Just as 4 basic food groups sustain our physical bodies, there are 4 basic things that sustain our Feldenkrais Practices. We need to do these, as much as we need to develop or business skills, plan our marketing and think about our promotion! Continue reading