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How to get the practice you want. More about the practice side than the business side… what people WANT to do. Can include personal growth and development, becoming the practitioner you want to be, etc.

3 Practice-Building Lessons from Groundhog Day

3 Real-life business lessons from a fairytale movie. Hint: Transforming the world starts with YOU. Continue reading

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Graduate with Confidence!

When you’re planning on turning your hands-on training into a sustainable practice after graduation, you need to develop confidence. You can begin doing that during your training with this simple secret! Continue reading

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Today I Got an Email


… from someone with 17 letters after her name.

Most of them are meaningless to me.

Not only that — so many letters makes me wonder if the person doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life. … or if she’s so much smarter than I am that any relationship would be really difficult. Next, I wonder how many clients she has.

Most of the people I work work with need more clients, and almost all of them think that maybe they should take another advanced training or broaden their scope, or get an entirely new certification.

The thing is — if you don’t have enough clients, you can’t deepen the skills you already have … and getting more skill will mean having more skill you can’t deepen.

New certifications and advanced training give you skills to HELP clients more — they don’t give you skills to GET more clients. It’s like over-developing one leg and letting the other atrophy — and then wondering why you spend your life hopping.

When you don’t have enough clients, what you need to learn is how to get more clients. Having more clients solves all the problems most practitioners have — confidence, referrals, embedding your current skills… and the “bad-five-letter-word” problem: money.

Quick Rule of Thumb

If you have more letters after your name than you have clients, the next thing to learn is how to get more clients.

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Today I Told a Practitioner Not To Work With Me

todayWe were having a free Clarity Call, and what was really clear pretty quickly was that although he has just one class a week with a handful of students coming regularly, he doesn’t want much more than that right now — 4 more people in his class would make him feel great.

Right now, what he wants is to be a great dad to his little daughter.

Listening to him talk about being with her, I was transported back to the time when my own girls were tiny — you had to pry me away from being with them. I wasn’t really interested in doing anything other than being their mom.

I don’t regret for one minute the time I took off, or all the thing I didn’t do to build my practice during those years.

So I pointed him toward some blog posts I’d written that I think will help him — and told him to enjoy his little girl.

He thanked me for helping him let go of feeling like he was supposed to do more than he really wants to.

I ended the call wondering how many other practitioners feel pressed to do something they don’t want to, or be someone they aren’t… because somehow they got the idea that what they want isn’t enough.

Moral of the story…

When Life is great just as it is, don’t beat yourself up over what you aren’t doing.

Getting the practice you want doesn’t have to be painful or make you feel like someone else! 
Click here to talk with me (free) about how to do it and feel exactly like YOU!

What you get clear about might surprise the heck out of you!
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Today I Got an Invitation To An Event Offering An Impossible Promise

todayIt arrived on orange card stock, promising a solution to client attraction in just 4 hours.

This is the kind of advertising that makes holistic practitioners — in particular, practitioners who touch their clients — cringe.

And rightly so, because — honestly? — there isn’t going to be a solution in 4 hours. What there will be is an opening, a glimpse of a new path, and the possibility of.change if you decide you want more.

But much as you’d like to believe it can happen in 4 hours, I’m willing to bet that in your heart of hearts, you know it takes more time, more commitment, more work and more change than you can get in 240 minutes.

If you could get it in 4 hours, you’d have what you need by now, because it would have been given to you in your training program. And it would be so easy that anybody could make it work right after graduation — even the people who weren’t paying much attention at the time.

The fact that it’s not that easy doesn’t mean it’s not important. But it does mean that if you want to change what’s happening in your practice, you have to be committed… because frankly, it does take work, and it does take time.

But then… so did your training… right?


Given what you have to offer, and what you hope to earn over your lifetime, what’s a reasonable amount of time — and money — to spend, learning to make a living from the skills you have?

Getting the practice you want doesn’t have to be painful or make you feel like someone else! 
Click here to talk with me (free) about how to do it and feel exactly like YOU!
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You See Where You Look

When you need to build a hands-on practice, you need another pair of eyes to see what you cannot. Continue reading

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How Sarah Almost Killed Her Hands-on Practice

Building a hands-on holistic practice takes skills that are not taught in practitioner trainings — you have to be intentional about it — decide to get the skills you need and find the right teacher. Free resources can carry you only so far, and sometimes in the wrong direction. Continue reading

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How to Communicate the Value of Your Hands-On Work in Every Session

If it takes you 3 or 4 sessions for your hands-on clients to decide they need you, something needs to change–most people just won’t wait that long. These steps will help you communicate your value the first time you work with them! Continue reading


Are You Talking to a New Client or Another Deer in the Headlights?

Just about every hands-on practitioner has had the experience of turning prospective clients in deer in the headlights! It’s not good for them and it’s certainly not good for you! Here’s what you need to do instead. Continue reading

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Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais

Here are 9 infographics you can use in any way you like… with quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais that speak to the universality of his work. Continue reading

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