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All the evidence shows that people love infographics because they engage the viewer and tell a story quickly.

You are welcome to share any of these your website and social media pages. Most are unbranded and have space for you to put your own contact information. Copyright marks are generally small and unobtrusive; please do not remove them!

When you find the one you want —
1. Download the Infographic
~ Click or tap on the thumbnail. The image will open in a new window so that you can continue to refer to these instructions.
~ Right click on the image and save it on your computer in a place where you can find it easily.

2. Open the file in any simple graphics editing program.
~ You probably have a simple editor on your computer, even if you’ve have used it.
~ Paint works fine, and Powerpoint is great for graphics.

3. Insert a text box at the bottom where “contact information is indicated.”
~ Put your name and contact information in the text box and change the font to match.
~ Generally, I use Arial (sans serif) or Times New Roman (serif) in this area, so try one of those and see how it looks. It’s better not to mix up too many fonts on the same page.
~ Does the size look like it matches the other two text areas at the bottom of the infographic? If not, adjust it up or down.

4. Align the text box so that it looks right with the other text on the page.
Alignment is one of the keys to a great result, so if you can make guidelines (or gridlines), use them to help you.

5. Group the photo with your text box and save it as a .png file,
You can use .jpg if that’s the only option, but generally for this purpose, .png is the first choice.

6. Share it!
~ You can upload it to your website or blog, share it on social media pages or anywhere else you like.
~ Or you can print it and put it up around town — some may be bigger than a normal piece of paper, though.

7. Complete the energy circuit!
When you leave me a comment, it inspires me to create more free resources for you!… Which one did you download? Why is it a good one for you? How are you going to use it? What other infographics would you like me to make?

And if this is a valuable resource for your practice, subscribe to my EZine! I’ll let you know when I publish more, and I’ll send you a variety of practice-building topics — and please share this page with other practitioners, because when you know how to find them, there are enough clients for everyone!

Health Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method®

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The Feldenkrais Method offers many health benefits. This infographic is free for practitioners to customize with their contact information and use in any way they like. Continue reading