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Here, you’ll find articles about things our clients might be interested in and about the work you do with them.
Some of these resources relate specifically to the Feldenkrais Method® but many are generic for hands-on practitioners, movement educators and healers.
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Got a Blog? Need Traffic? Get CoSchedule!

If you blog, you need to drive traffic to what you write. For a lot of hands-on practitioners, healers and movement educators, that’s just plain tedious, and so it gets put on hold. With CoSchedule, you can write your social media posts when you write your blog post, and make sure you’re driving a steady stream of people to your site. Continue reading


Health Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method®

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The Feldenkrais Method offers many health benefits. This infographic is free for practitioners to customize with their contact information and use in any way they like. Continue reading


What’s in a yawn?

What does yawning mean in your work? Do you take it as a sign of anything — maybe an opportunity for change? Continue reading

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Your Other Hand’s Brain

Your Usual Hand has a Brain and so does your Other Hand. How much do you listen to your Other Hand’s Brain? Here’s a book that can help give a new voice. Continue reading

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3rd Table from the Sun

How is a Feldenkrais Practitioner like any one of the crew from 3rd Rock from the Sun? Continue reading


Will the “air mouse” really help?

Do you know or work with someone who has a computer-related repetitive stress injury? The main expression of RSIs is carpal tunnel syndrome, which can cause excruciating pain. The medical remedy is surgery but no matter how much a person … Continue reading


Don’t take any static from your habits!

People often ask me how it is that habits become the thing we do, before we do the thing we want. If you’ve ever lived in a place where it’s cold and dry in the winter, you may be familiar … Continue reading