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Seth Godin Doesn’t Use Images — Should You?

Seth Godin doesn’t use images in his blog posts and he’s got hardly any on his website. Should you follow suit?

The right images used on a blog posts or static pages can make a huge difference in what visitors understand about you, how often your pages are seen, and how much they’re shared. Why does this matter to hands-on practitioners and movement educators? Continue reading

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Today I Had a Look at Unsubscribes From My Email List

We all get too much email… but when you want to get off someone’s list, should you report them for spam in addition to unsubscribing? It depends on how you got on that list in the first place… Continue reading


Today A Friend Wrote on Facebook…


… about one of her clients who had a big problem…

HELP! I have a client who owns a family business. His stepmother (now deceased) had created and administered their biz FB page and he has no log-in/admin access to page. Does anyone know how he can get admin info/page ownership back stat? He’s tried contacting FB but to no avail.

This is about as bad as it gets. Facebook isn’t going to do anything, and if you can’t get into the admin’s account, there is NOTHING you can do. Continue reading

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G-Plus and YOU — claim your GooglePlus URL

Claim your Google Plus personalized URL so you can be found more easily by people who are looking for you! Just follow the pictures! Continue reading

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Is Procrastination Killing Your Connection?

Procrastinating about writing blog posts and newsletters can cool off a budding relationship with your prospective clients. If you can’t write without getting stressed out, try doing it in approximations so that your enthusiasm doesn’t run out before you’re done. Continue reading


10 Ways Articles Build Your Practice

No matter where you are in building your practice, you have valuable information to share with your clients, neighbors in your local area you may not have met yet, and people on the internet who are looking for solutions to … Continue reading


Are you willing to take a stand?

If you want more clients, you need to show them how you’re different from other practitioners. One way to do that is by taking a stand on topics related to your work, the reasons people come to you and benefits they get from working with you. Continue reading

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Do you know who you’re talking to?

*Sigh* “I just don’t know what happens to me when I write a post. I never end up sounding like myself. It’s so formal and stilted. Maybe that’s why I don’t get any response.” If you’ve ever had this thought … Continue reading


Are you clear enough to attract clients?

“Maybe I’d write more blog posts if I understood why I’m doing it, but I feel like I’m just putting stuff out there and it doesn’t make any difference.” Raise your hand if the practitioner who said that is speaking … Continue reading


Is perfection hurting your practice?

Striving for perfection may be stopping your from doing the things that would help build your hands-on practice. Uncovering and developing your strengths gives you natural tools for finding more clients and makes it easier to take action often enough to make a real different in helping more people. Continue reading