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Are You Unknowingly Being “Salesy”?

Communicate with your clients and potential clients to help them know who you are, how you help and why they need you… NOT to sell them something! Continue reading


Holistic Practitioners! Tips to Get Past Writer’s Block

Everyone has writer’s block sometimes. Holistic Practitioners are no exception. Bookmark this cool graphic with 22 tips on where to look for inspirationn! Continue reading

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Holistic Practitioners Have Many Choices for Building their Expertise

When you’re building a Holistic Practice, there are a lot of avenues open to you, to find the people you would love to have as clients! Continue reading


Do your web visitors know where you are?

Do you know that most people decide within a few seconds to stay on a site or click away? Have a look at your site. Do you tell your visitors where to find you as soon as they arrive? If … Continue reading

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Are you making this enormous mistake with your email list?

If you’re growing your email list, chances are you’re doing everything you can to make it a no-brainer for people to get on it. If that includes capturing only their email address without their name, you’re making a huge mistake! … Continue reading

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Are you missing the opportunity to send your FB friends to your business page?

Here’s something important about your Facebook Fan Page that I just learned from 3 people I follow — you know it’s important when all the experts are saying the same thing!: At the top of your personal page, FB now … Continue reading

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Are you on Facebook?

Last time, I suggested that if you’re undecided about Facebook, you could decide one way or the other for right now, so that you can get it off your plate. If you did decide to hang out on Facebook, and … Continue reading

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What are you using to schedule appointments?

I use Google Calendar, and I love it! I never thought I would like an online calendar — for loads of reasons — but I’ve found that this works incredibly well for me. I started with it just to try … Continue reading

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Do you want to make your own website?

If you want to make a website on your own, WordPress is the way to go to… I was recently in an all-day class on using it, and was amazed to find Website developers who had been using Dreamweaver sitting … Continue reading

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Using the Internet to Build Your Business – How Leaving a Comment Helps

Let’s face it… the internet is only becoming more important to our business. Anyone who expects a practice to grow without at least having an email address (YES — I know they’re out there, but they aren’t getting practice-building help … Continue reading