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Posts related to developing your individual, innate strengths that help you get and keep clients. Developing these areas gives you inner tools for success as a self-employed somatic practitioner, while staying in integrity with your values.

What does it take to build a successful practice?

Building a holistic practice requires learning a skill set anyone can master, and aligning your mindset with success. This puts you in an upward spiral that makes it easy to realize your dream! Continue reading

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The Downside of Teaching Practice-Building in a Training Program

Somatic practitioners who don’t have enough clients often think that their training programs should have taught this essential business skill. Many problems arise when the work of learning to build a practice is compressed into an afternoon! Continue reading


The Skills That Help Clients Won’t Get You Clients to Help

If you are a somatic practitioner, the skills you need to get clients are different from the skills you have to help clients. Increasing your skills of helping is important, but it won’t get you clients, if you don’t develop the strengths you already have that are responsible for attracting clients and keeping them. Continue reading

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