Have you ever declared, “Enough with the Excuses!”?

People who are successful learn to manage their time, invest in themselves to grow their business, and do what it takes to follow up with their clients.

They learn to do this even if they have a family, even if they don’t like all the things they have to do, and even if it means taking a risk.

To help keep themselves on track, they make lists.
Believe it or not, lists help a lot, especially when you don’t want to do a particular task!

The problem is that most holistic practitioners don’t like a whole lot of routine, and if lists remind you of routine, chances are, you avoid them!

That’s why I created a prioritizing list template for you. No, it won’t make the list for you, but it WILL help you grasp what you need to do and get it done! Click below to download.

Remember, using a list doesn’t make you any less creative. Getting the stuff you don’t want to do out of the way clears the path to really having fun without background worry.


Take 15 minutes, even if you don’t have it. Get up early, stay up late… FIND 15 minutes! Download the form I’ve made for you. Use it! It will help you to list and prioritize the things you know you need to do to improve your business.

Click here to download

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2 Responses to Have you ever declared, “Enough with the Excuses!”?

  1. Great template!  Just reviewing it helped me  put some perspective on the ideas bubbling around in my head.   I’m setting aside some time later this week to put pen to paper – thanks for the suggestion and the very usable template! 

    • Allison says:

      Thanks, Lynda-Ross! Glad it helped. Being a “big picture” person myself, I find that it often helps to have a little bit a structure to organize myself — and not having to recreate that structure every time is key to using it!

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