How Sarah Almost Killed Her Hands-on Practice

Having great hands-on holistic skills is important for your practice... and so are your business skills!

Hands-on practitioners love to help people — and only get to do it by developing the business skills it takes to get clients.

Sarah is typical of the hands-on practitioners I work with — deeply committed to her work and struggling to get clients. Her professional training gave her skills to work with her clients — but it didn’t cover how to get clients in ways that really worked for her.

That’s not surprising — I don’t know of any modality that teaches you what you really need to know about GETTING clients while they’re teaching you how to HELP clients.

Like most hands-on practitioners, Sarah really wants to help people get the kind of transformation she got from the work she offers, and —

She’s never thought much about what it means to be self-employed, beyond being charge of her own time. She loves working with her clients and learning more about how to help them — and procrastinates about almost everything else connected with her business.

She’s fairly internal, doesn’t like directing a conversation with a potential client and hates dealing with pushy salespeople — the last thing she wants is to come across that way to anyone interested in her work. She avoids learning how to have a “sales conversation” because she doesn’t want to feel bad about her herself.

She relies on convincing just about everyone she meets that they need her modality — but it’s hard to explain and things have gotten to the point where she really hates even being asked “What do you do?” because the conversation almost always goes nowhere.

When she looks online for help, she finds a goldmine of free information, and figures she’s all set.

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