How to Find a Coach for a Hands-On Practitioner or Movement Educator

Know what fits with you when you're looking for a coach.

Hands-on Practitioners and Movement Educators are not like most of the people most coaches are helping to build a business. To avoid getting a bad fit, know the signs of a good fit!

Recently, I was talking to some friends of mine who are coaches.

As often happens, the conversation got around to the people we work with, and of course, I described YOU, as the kind of person I help.

And what they said was, “Oh, I work with clients like that, too!”

To be honest, many coaches believe they do work with you because you’re a holistic practitioner — or as they often describe you, a “healer.”

But I know they misunderstand “who you are,” because my clients regularly tell me that they’ve hired other coaches and just couldn’t do what the coach prescribed… it just didn’t fit for who they are, what they want and how they want to be with their clients. 

So… what makes you special? What kind of coach should you look for? And how can you recognize a good fit with a coach before you get blisters from a bad fit?!

The answer is in today’s video…


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