Is perfection hurting your practice?

Is sending a newsletter this painful?

If this is how you feel when it’s time to write a blog post or newsletter, ask yourself if you’re making it harder than it needs to be!

Does thinking about how long it’s going to take to perfect and get out your newsletter drive you nearly to tears?

Do you put off writing your next — perfect — blog post, because the amount of time it’s going to take is just too painful to contemplate?

“It takes too long” is a common complaint, and when it’s also your excuse, it becomes one of the reasons that too many of your clients don’t find you… don’t get in touch… don’t keep working with you!

Fortunately, it’s strongly connected to the quest for perfection that so many practitioners are on, and as usual… bringing it to awareness means we can choose to do something different!

Lately, I’ve been using a very helpful tool with some of the Feldenkrais practitioners I’m working with. One of the trends I’m seeing is that over 75% of these Feldies are the sort of folks who don’t want to make anything public until it’s perfect.

Extrapolating to the larger community, that means there’s a good chance that if you’re a Feldenkrais practitioner you’ve also got that desire for perfection. While it’s a great asset in working with people, it could well be one of the most important reasons you’re not getting as many new clients as you could be getting!

How can this be so, when getting it right is so important to most Feldenkrais practitioners? I’m definitely not saying that you should throw junk at your email list… that wouldn’t serve you or them.

But I am saying that the connection you don’t make doesn’t help you or your potential clients. I am saying that

All of this is easier if you allow yourself to be a work-in-progress, rather than holding out for perfection every single time. The incredible side benefit is that as a ‘work in progress,’ you can make easier connections with your audience in less time. They see that you’re reliable, they find out who you are, they have information they need to decide to work with you.

That helps everyone, and you get to spend time doing things you really love!

Action step:
Get your free introductory assessment here, and get a look at your strengths! Knowing how your specific gifts can help your clients makes it easier to focus on writing about what they value.
If this post made you think about your practice, subscribe to my EZine. You’ll get information on a variety of practice-building topics — and please share this resource with other practitioners, because when you know how to find them, there are enough clients for everyone!


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  1. Valerie Wycoff says:

    Thanks for the nudge, Allison ! You got me pegged. I’m onto it tonight.

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