Make a Point They Won’t Forget

Wish your clients would remember more of the point of working with you? Try changing up the way you tell your stories…

My good bud, colleague Hope Malcolm Maltz turned me on to Made to Stick, a fun and easy read about why some ideas stick around and some get lost right away.

The Heath brothers bring a lot of interesting stories to prove their points. Well, you’d expect that, at least, from people writing about how to make ideas so clear that you can’t miss them.

You’ll probably remember lots of their examples from seeing them on TV, hearing about them in the news, or reading about them in the newspaper. Remember when we had newspapers?

I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas without struggling through ponderous writing, incomprehensible charts and tables, or pages littered with footnotes I’ll never pursue. Just the thing we want to be able to do with our clients, so that our points stay sharply in their minds!

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