Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais

when you knowlife is a process This week, I bought a new toy — an inexpensive cloud-based graphics platform that lets you upload a photo, add words and publish a graphic to Facebook.

Being a technology-lover, I spent the better part of a day trying it out… and came up with the idea of using quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais that you don’t see very often, together with photos that are — well, I hope they’re thought-provoking when coupled with the words. I want to share it all with you because the more we think about these things, the better!

build and self imageexecution is not awarenessYou can share these to share with your clients, use them on your wall or include one in your next newsletter… in fact, you could write an entire piece about what any one of them means to you.
Your clients love it when they get YOUR take on quotes like these. You can incorporate them into your teaching, too. Spark some discussion during a workshop… the possibilities are everywhere!

Here’s how to get to them —

breath reflects life Just click right here — or on any photo and then click on the Album, Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais.
If you like them and want to use them, it would be great if you would say “thanks” by LIKING your favorites, and leaving a comment.

mind and body are oneposture cannot defy gravity

When you share them

be sure to write something in your update box that that speaks to the audience you’re sharing with and lets them know why you’re doing it.

life without movement is unthinkable losses are incalculable

Whatever you do, do it with your own voice, because that’s your voice your clients are waiting to hear!



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