Today I Finally Talked with Someone

today…I was trying to reach about making an appointment with her.

I called yesterday and left a message telling her that, and when I didn’t get a call back, I phoned her again.

Why did I have to call twice?

When I am standing there with money, trying to become your client, you should call me. It’s part of your job. 

Unless of course, you have more clients than you know what to do with. In that case, you don’t ever have to call anyone back. 

You know what’s really funny?

She wasn’t exactly charming on the phone and I decided I don’t need to become her client. after all.

I wonder if she noticed?


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One Response to Today I Finally Talked with Someone

  1. This is so true! I am a serious procrastinator about many things. When I truly cared about getting a non profit started I KNEW that it was so important to commit to responding immediately to every message and I did. That business habit continues with me to this day 12 years later and I think it is one of the top reasons that a client decides to work with me. I used to actually picture them calling 3 practitioners for information and my goal was to be the one that returned their call first. It shows you care, you are professional, you have respect. Call or message back even if it is just to set up a time to talk later.

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