Today I Got an Email


… from someone with 17 letters after her name.

Most of them are meaningless to me.

Not only that — so many letters makes me wonder if the person doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life. … or if she’s so much smarter than I am that any relationship would be really difficult. Next, I wonder how many clients she has.

Most of the people I work work with need more clients, and almost all of them think that maybe they should take another advanced training or broaden their scope, or get an entirely new certification.

The thing is — if you don’t have enough clients, you can’t deepen the skills you already have … and getting more skill will mean having more skill you can’t deepen.

New certifications and advanced training give you skills to HELP clients more — they don’t give you skills to GET more clients. It’s like over-developing one leg and letting the other atrophy — and then wondering why you spend your life hopping.

When you don’t have enough clients, what you need to learn is how to get more clients. Having more clients solves all the problems most practitioners have — confidence, referrals, embedding your current skills… and the “bad-five-letter-word” problem: money.

Quick Rule of Thumb

If you have more letters after your name than you have clients, the next thing to learn is how to get more clients.

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