Today I Was Proven Right

today… about profile pictures.

For years, I’ve been ranting about how practitioners hide on their websites, on social media and in their marketing promotions.

Granted, practitioners often describe themselves as “shy” or “introverted” — but being private doesn’t mean it’s okay to post a profile pic of your feet or shadow, your pet, your new sunglasses or hat, or the apple you’ve partially eaten.

Let’s just state the obvious — in a world where you get a nano-second to impress people, anything less than showing yourself as a likable person just isn’t going to help you. And now it’s not just that I’m saying it — research proves it. Read the full article here.

How can you make “the best” first impression?

Mostly it’s common sense — show your eyes and look at the camera, look happy — that means show your teeth in your smile.

Look professional — no matter how happy you are in your jammies, it’s probably going to send the wrong message.

The most important thing that isn’t explicitly mentioned in this article — make sure you have enough light on your FACE. You should be more prominent than the background!

Do this to look friendly…

Ditch saying “cheese.” Instead, think about your ideal clients and how it makes you feel to help them!


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