You See Where You Look

You have to look beyond where the light shines!

You only look where you can easily seem and when you want to build a practice, that isn’t going to work.

When you think about what you do for your clients, is bringing their awareness to things they normally ignore high on your list?

It certainly was at the top of my list… I can remember countless times when my client thought I was working magic, simply because I could see things they couldn’t see.

I’m sure it’s like that for you. Your training gave you the ability to see with different eyes than most people have and it allows you to make differences that most people would never dream of being able to make without your help.

What’s so intriguing to me about that is that even now, when my practice has turned toward helping practitioners build their practices, I’m still doing the same thing.

Practitioners who struggle tend to ignore very basic, very common problems that can be addressed and overcome… with the right pair of eyes on the problem.

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