Your Other Hand’s Brain

If you're intereested in what your Right Brain has to say about anything, all you have to do is give it room to express yourself!

What’s up with your Other Hand’s Brain?
Do you ever pay attention to it?

The funny thing about it is that it’s communicating all the time, and mostly we ignore it because we’re always thinking in words and the Other Hand’s Brain doesn’t actually have any. Moshe Feldenkrais called words “the lowest common denominator of communication.” Ouch. That’s a poke in the eye, if you think of words as your forté…

The Other Hand’s Brain tells us what it knows in ways we usually try to ignore… like the queasy feeling we get when we’re about to do something that our Usual Hand’s Brain will later excoriate us for, when it finally recognizes that it was folly! Or holding our breath when we’re being whacked by our gremlins… who all live over there in the Usual Hand’s Brain!

That’s because the Other Hand’s Brain is picking up on the other 93% of communication that isn’t words. You know, the part that Usual Hand’s Brain nearly ignores because… well, because it’s not words!

It turned out I could draw, even though one nun after another "corrected" my art work all through school. Click to see the full story!

Recently I found a great book that helps to tap into what the Other Hand’s Brain knows by drawing and writing. Turns out that with a writing implement in hand — markers are my favorite — the Other Hand’s Brain draws and writes. And often does a better job of it than the one that usually does all the talking.

Conversation between my Hands and their Brains turned out to be very informative, as I sat with a marker in one hand and a pen in the other. Drawings I made with my Other Hand’s Brain in control look more like what I intend than anything else I’ve ever drawn.

The book is The Power of Your Other Hand: A Course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain, and you can check it out on Amazon if you’re interested.

I can’t recommend it highly enough… especially if you’re looking for your inner artist, trying to get past the blocks that stop you from doing the things you “know” you want to do, or would simply appreciate a conversation that more fully represents the complexity of You.

So… What do you think? And which Hand’s Brain is thinking it?

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  1. Istandinthelight says:

    cool wish I had the time to read that! Thanks for sharing!

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